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Advantages of biogas for Vehicles

Advantages of biogas for Vehicles

There are several different types of alternative fuels available for powering vehicles these days and there are more being developed all of the time. 

Alternative fuels generally cause less pollution and emit fewer greenhouse gases into the environment. 

Many of them are also cheaper to produce and refine than conventional gasoline and other forms of petroleum. One of these alternative fuels is the non-fossil fuel known as biogas. Biogas is a realistic prospect of a shift to renewable energy already today, biogas for transportation is a proven technology that works. Biogas is gas produced by the decay of organic waste and is about 25 percent cheaper than gasoline, there is relief from various taxes and in several cities there are free P-seats for the environmentally friendly cars. 

Transport based on biogas, less pollution, biogas emit less carbon dioxide, nitrogen and particulates. A big advantage of biogas is that it avoids the release of methane from storage tanks (they are nevertheless more and more secured against leakage) and at the same time you get manure that can be used as fertilizer (80% as good as fertilizers). This reduces nitrous oxide emissions is 320gange as bad as CO2 (natural fertilizers provide less than fertilizers). At the same time it also means more independence from manure, which becomes more and more expensive, and a cleaner agriculture. Biogas is produced locally and thus a country becomes independent of foreign fuel import. Appearance and driving characteristics of a biogas car is the same as for an ordinary car. Biogas is completely odourless and the risk of fire or explosion is less than for other fuels.

Source : Caribbean bio-energy, Nordic Folkcenter

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