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Honey, i moved to another planet !!!...

Honey, i moved to another planet !!!...

Honey, let's move to another place, another planet ... Imagine this can be a reality! Instead of emigrating to another country, we simply moved to another planet ... 

But we are still far from this reality, even knowing, the recent news released by astronomers of the discovery of two more candidates, habitable planets discovered by the Kepler telescope. 
These latest planets, Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f are the most recent findings made ​​by the Kepler telescope and are located 1200 light years of our beloved blue planet, Earth. 

So if you are trying to think of going on vacation to one of those exotic places, recent and future candidates for colonization, will have to wait more than a good time and have a transport, fast enough, to make sure you arrive at least alive, to the destination .... Because 1200 light years   is not exactly next door house. 
To get an idea, one light year  is 9 × 10'12 Km (Kilometers). It would take  1 × 10'16 Km (kilometers) ,to go to one of those Kepler's planets at a  speed of light, wich is 299792 km / s or 1,079,252,849 km / h,  to finally reach the destination, Kepler, in 1200 years. 

space transportation
Speaking of space transportation, engineers of the United States, are considering the possibility of building a spaceship, the Enterprise, like the Star Trek movie, which could be launched in the next 20 years, to the conquest of space. 

But it does not end here, last year 2012, NASA and the Pentagon supported the idea of building also an interstellar spaceship, which had the ability to carry 200 people on a journey for 90 years, to Proxima Centauri, which is the closest star to the Sun, which is a measly 4.22 years light. 

So, if you do no longer enjoying the neighborhood and you think to move  to another place,  try first, to staying in our blue planet that we call earth, because we can always get time to enjoy the place ...

Those amazing, documentaries shows how it would be if we had to move to a another planet.

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