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HTC 7 Pro

The HTC 7 Pro is a QWERTY keyboard-equipped Windows 7 smartphone designed help you get your work done fast and enjoy big-screen entertainment. Boasting a 3.6 inch screen, a 5 megapixel camera, 576 MB of RAM and a 1Ghz Snapgragon processor it has plenty of power and screen size to make the most of your time at work and play. Blisteringly fast without any hint of slowdown, the HTC Pro 7's speed strikes you immediately. The sturdy slide-out landscape QWERTY keyboard has an excellent layout with a dedicated row for numbers, and a tilt function that puts the 7 Pro at the perfect viewing angle for typing.

You can easily view and edit Microsoft Office documents directly on the 7 Pro, and have constant access to your email thanks to the integrated Microsoft Outlook and 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. You also have full access to the excellent Bing Search and Maps funtions, made even better with the 7 Pro's GPS capability. For when you need a break from work there's XBox Live to play games from a huge library of console quality titles, Zune software to download movies, TV shows or the latest song from your favourite artist, and social media apps to keep in touch with friends and family. Want to take a picture quickly? Just grab the phone and press the camera button, even if the phone is locked.

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