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Mike Tompkins, Beatbox

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada during the historic tornado on July 31st, 1987, life for Mike Tompkins has been punctuated by memorable events, the most recent of which includes being rocketed to notoriety mixing his talents to create music using only his voice and mouth.

Mike’s novel ‘A Capella’ music has stemmed from over a decade of demanding and diverse musical and production pursuits, starting with beatboxing at the young age of 8.

From musical theatre production in highschool, to production, engineering and mixing of numerous albums (Juno nominated artist Shad K’s “The Old Prince”) during post-secondary education at the industry renowned Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, Mike’s resume now includes collaboration as a producer and writer with Timbaland on his most recent Shock Value 3 album set for release in 2011.

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