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Windows Phone 7.8 update for Dell Venue Pro

Windows Phone 7.8 update for Dell Venue Pro

How to update your Dell Venue Pro (DVP) to Windows Phone 7.8

Simple as That... Run this new  tool made by Windows phone Hacker, the Seven Eighter.

Make sure you have the most recent Zune software installed which is version 4.8

It's  a simple little tool to automate the process of downloading and installing the updates to your phone.

This tool will install the official, RTM Windows Phone 7.8 update today, right now. It's easy.

Just click Install 7.8, then select the desired language packages.

Then wait. Basically, the tool acts as a wrapper for the UpdateWP file, and contains all the updates and their language packs. Using this tool has the same risk as using the manual cab method. It works for me. 

You can always use Zune to restore to before you used this tool if you have too many issues.

To download the Seven Eighter Toll , click here

I am not responsible for any damage in your mobile. as I said, it worked well for me.

File Key for the Download : V3fn8ncQh_G4iuCYktETKQtAwhsOwRZ1n5mCJsB0iI0

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