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Quad core for Laptops

The official rollout of the first "Sandy Bridge" laptops at the Consumer Electronics Show next month will be a quad-core affair.

The chipmaker is holding an event on January 5 at CES in Las Vegas where it will debut the "Second Generation Intel Core," aka Sandy Bridge, processors. Top laptop vendors, including Lenovo and Acer, are expected to introduce systems at that time.
At a recent investor conference, Intel disclosed that the first Sandy Bridge processors will be quad core, followed by more mainstream dual-core chips. And that's the message that the PC industry is getting. "Quad-core goes live in January, dual-core goes live in February," said an industry source involved in the Sandy Bridge laptop rollout. "OEMs [original equipment manufacturers--PC makers] are going to be going public with their quad-core laptops [at CES], but they can't go public with their dual-core laptops until mid-February."  ...

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