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UK bad weather, Gatwick And Heathrow Closed

The winter weather is having a renewed and severe effect on the UK.

Many parts of the country have been blanketed by another widespread and heavy snowfall overnight, causing major disruption on the roads and railways.

British Airways has cancelled all its flights from Heathrow and all domestic and european flights from Gatwick until 5pm GMT this afternoon. Severe disruption is expected at all London airports.

The snow is continuing to fall in many places with up to 40 centimetres, or 15 inches, reported in the North-West.

The advice from experts is to check with your airline before leaving home, and only travel if absolutely necessary.


  1. the worst has past!, or has it?.
    most Gatwick airport hotels are still open to tourists and travellers 24/7.

  2. We hope... ;) Thank's for passing by...


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