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Halloween Song Music London Independent Film Festival Scott West

Halloween Song director Phillip Stucker gained notoriety as a 16-year old, when his animated video for The Shiny Toy Guns song "Don't Cry Out," won the three film festivals in which it was entered. Austin singer songwriter Scott West contacted Stucker after seeing Stucker's whimsical animated characters on Youtube and asked Stucker to direct and animate West's "Keep It Clean" with Halloween characters.
Halloween Song: Scott West & Phillip Stucker's 'Keep It Clean' Halloween Song- 2010 London Independent Film Festival (World Premiere & Official Selection); 2010 New York International Film Festival (North American Premiere & Official Selection); 2010 Sacramento International Film & Music Festival (West Coast/CA Premiere); 2010 Los Angeles International Film Festival (So. CA Premiere & Official Selection); 2010 London Short & Sweet Film Festival (2nd London Selection).

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