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The zoom bar on the HTC Touch Pro2

The zoom bar on the HTC Touch Pro2 and Diamond2 (Pure) allows zooming in/out while using certain applications like Opera Mobile, Excel, messaging, and some others.The bar can be used to move/scroll vertically, activate items and more.ZoomBarPlus is still in beta, but you can grab it from XDA-developers.

Current features of v1.0 (Beta):

  • Assign key strokes to tap, double tap, long tap, swipe left, and swipe right gestures on the zoom bar.
  • Swipe gestures can "repeat" keystrokes, which is good for simulating holding down a D-Pad button, for example.
  • Default actions: swipe left for D-Pad up, swipe right for D-Pad down, swipe-hold either direction to repeat, double tap for action (center) button, and long tap for backspace (Total Commander).
  • Vibration feedback for certain actions.
  • Use a registry editor to change configuration settings (a config app will come soon).
  • VERY low resources used -- runs as a TRUE service and uses as close as 0% CPU as is possible by an app like this.

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